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Nicole addresses inappropriateness of Barbie on Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. 2014

CNN: Nicole speaks up about the sexualization of girls in the media.

Cover Girl Culture Movie Trailer

Fox News story on our workshops. 2012

Cover Girl Culture is a documentary exploring the impact of media on girls and women in our society.  Through exclusive interviews with the editors of Teen Vogue and Elle magazines the film takes a hard look at the fashion industry and the messages it coveys to young people.  It also reveals the pressure tweens/teens face from our celebrity-centered culture and the shocking problems caused by the sexualization of girls by the media. A key feature is the film focuses on SOLUTIONS!

 Nicole offers WORKSHOPS for schools and girls’ organizations on body image, self-esteem, bullying, social activism and media literacy.

“A fascinating look at the world of teen magazines, celebrity and advertising and the powerful influence the media exerts on girls and young women.” - Jean Kilbourne
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Let’s create a CLEVER GIRL CULTURE instead of a Cover Girl Culture

Seventeen promotes R-rated film to girls. 2013

Nicole vs Victoria Secret. Provincewide 2013